Stories by Em Demaison

Em writes for the woman who isn’t sure if she’ll enjoy erotica or not. She writes for the woman who may be feeling just a little disconnected from her inner seductress and the woman who isn’t in love with her body right now but wants to be. She writes for the woman who doesn’t feel desired by her partner (or desire for her partner), the woman who can’t quite remember the joy of sex (and the one who can), the woman who wants to walk with more sway in her hips, the woman who applies her lipstick s-l-o-w-l-y.

She writes for the woman who savours a good secret. (Like a bit of erotica tucked away on anĀ e-reader. No one has to know what she’s reading on the subway or beside her partner in bed …unless she wants to read one of the stories aloud.)

She writes for the woman who desiresĀ PLEASURE.

And this is what she writes:

ROUGE by Em Demaison

Rouge by Em Demaison

When you find out your husband has been cheating and your marriage may be over, you can wallow, or be spiteful, or you can go to Paris and bed a few Frenchmen. Bridie chose Paris.

In this very short collection of woman-friendly erotic micro-fiction, 42-year-old Bridie explores her desires and pursues sexual pleasure in 10 quick, tastefully libidinous stories.

These tales are especially sweet for first-time erotica readers.

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“I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to read a story where I could actually relate to the main character (and imagine myself in all those sexy scenarios!) Plus, it made me SO happy to read the words ‘I felt in my body.’ A woman who feels connected to her sensuality. YES!! I also loved the diversity of scenarios (that final scene in the sauna. Wowza) and the peppering of French phrases throughout (I really felt like I was in Paris!) And what a treat to read erotica that actually feels like literature. Reminded me of Anais Nin.”

“Luscious, empowering, and sensual are the three words that come to mind when thinking of Rouge by Em Demaison. This book was a treat to read. I thought I would just settle in for a couple of pages, and get back to the rest at a later time….but it pulled me in and I had to finish the whole collection in one afternoon. Rouge is broken up into mini sections…quickies, if you will…each one detailing a super juicy scene of a woman totally taking charge in Paris. I would recommend this book highly to lovers of erotica or for those who are curious but have never indulged in this type of reading before. Em has a way with words, and I love the way the main character seems to always be in control. There were no scenes that made me uncomfortable, no sleazy guys, no whips or handcuffs…but plenty of risque moments that totally left me both satisfied and craving more. Oh, and ladies — she saved the best for last. The climax of the book is definitely the last scene. So, so juicy. I will be reading this again and again.”

“Wonderfully written, a pleasure to read. Ms. Demaison has a way of expressing desire and sensuality that is beautiful. From the moment I read the first chapter, I was hooked. These stories are playful, wild and juicy. At the same time there is a certain tenderness about each encounter that is very compelling to participate in as a reader. I loved Rouge, and I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Demaison’s work!”

“Tender, thoughtful, and hot as blazes. This is a book best enjoyed like truffles. A bite here, one after dinner, one secretly enjoyed in the parked car before you go in the house. It takes only a few minutes to enjoy each chapter, but the energy and mood linger like jasmine. How wonderful and validating to read about sensuality enjoyed, visions of pleasure, and powerful, turned-on women at the center of it all.”